CLUBZERO has launched on campus.  It's our returnable cup scheme that means you don't need to choose between waste and convienience – you borrow a cup and simply drop it in one of the points on campus when that's it!

Every year UCL can use up to 1 million cups, and this isn't sustainable. By implementing CLUBZERO we’re making it easy for you to do the right thing by using reusable over disposable and saving you 25p each time. There’s no washing up, no carrying about, and crucially; no waste.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the CLUBZERO app from the App or Google Play Store
  2. Register your details. You will need to add card details but you will only ever be charged if you do not return your cup.
  3. Ask one of our baristas to make your drink in a CLUBZERO cup: “Please can I have a latte in a CLUBZERO cup”
  4. Enjoy your drink and deposit it in one of the bright yellow drop boxes on campus, or around King’s Cross

The service is completely free for you as long as you return your cup within one week– if you don’t, you’ll be charged £5.

CLUBZERO can be found across campus and in the wider area – check the map in the app for all sites. It is currently launched in the following outlets on campus:

  • Wilkins Café
  • Student Centre Cafe
  • Brew Bar, 22 Gordon Street
  • Science Library Café
  • Engineering Café

Launching CLUZBERO is a key milestone on our journey to becoming a single-use plastic free campus by 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for further roll out across campus.