University College London is a multicultural community, with a diverse body of students, staff and visitors who have differing religious and non-religious beliefs and ethics. We are committed to ensuring that services provided meet the needs of this diverse community.

Food at UCL does not operate any exclusively Halal kitchens. Our kitchens also produce dishes which are Haram. For this reason, none of our kitchens are certified by the Halal Authority and we cannot use the official Halal symbol. However we do strive to source Halal certified or “Halal-sourced” meat for specific services and menu items in line with our recognition of the diverse needs of our customers.

Please ask the counter assistants for the halal status of dishes in our refectories.



Our supplier for sandwiches (Soho Sandwiches) has provided us with a statement on their halal policy.

“The Soho Sandwich Co is a SALSA certified sandwich manufacturer that recognises and understands the Halal foods manufacturing standard. The Soho Sandwich site is not certified by any Halal certification bodies in the UK but as a business, we enforce a strict manufacturing standard to prevent cross contamination at every stage of the manufacturing process. Systems and procedures are in place and strictly implemented to maintain a high-level of control in the prevention of microbiological and allergen cross contamination in our products. We produce a range of sandwiches that include vegan, vegetarian and meat products. Halal and non-halal meats are handled in our factory. Strict segregation, labelling and product change-over procedures are enforced and risk of cross contact or contamination is prevented effectively. We have partnered with some selected producers of Halal certified chicken which can be found in several our products. The Halal chicken that we receive is supplied on a positive release basis and comes with certification from the manufacturer. In addition, we carry out routine traceability exercises to verify the authenticity of the chicken they supply.”