The Brew Bar

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm

A great cup of coffee

If you hadn’t guessed already, we are big coffee fans! And the Brew Bar is the perfect spot for newbies and afficionados to try out scientific brewing methods, exciting brews from guest roasteries and chat all things latte with our team. In a rush? You should try one of our specialty batch brews for a quick caffeine fix. If you have the time, go for one of our special pour-over coffees, including Chemex, Aeropress and V60.


We are really proud to be in collaboration with Well Grounded, a Camden-based social enterprise which helps people into employment through coffee. Our fabulous Brew Bar baristas are all Well Grounded graduates, and share their love and passion for coffee everyday. What is
more, 10p from every cup sold goes back into the Well Grounded scheme.

So far our collaboration with Well Grounded has helped over 250 people into employment.

Want to know more about brewing your own coffee?

You can purchase brewing equipment and a selection of specialty coffee beans that you can enjoy at home. Chat to our friendly team who will be more than happy to chat you through the ways to get the best out of your kit (just don’t ask for a v60 demonstration in the morning rush!)

Coffee with taste, not with waste

The Brew Bar is part of the CLUBZERO scheme. You can enjoy any of our hot drinks in a free reusable cup
from the Brew Bar by downloading the CLUBZERO app, and find a cup drop-point here too.