The Engineering Café

Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Get the vibe

A brand-new Asian offering awaits you in the Engineering Café! Alongside your favourite grab and go sandwiches and salad pots, you will find fresh sushi snack boxes and a new hot grab and go offer that includes crispy gyoza, jumbo spring rolls and loaded Korean mac & cheese from the hot cupboards.

For a pick me up choose something from our Fairtrade chocolate range, a fresh fruit salad pots, or something tasty from our daily bakery range.

Bubble Tea? Yes please!

Choose your favourite milk or fruity tea, your jelly, pearl or popping ball flavour, and your preferred sweetness level and we’ll do the rest!

Our barista coffees, delicious hot chocolates and herbal teas are also available.

We proudly serve our Fairtrade Circulo coffee at the Engineering Café.

 Takeaway, not throwaway.

The Engineering Café is part of the CLUBZERO scheme. You can enjoy any of our hot drinks in a free reusable cup from the Engineering Café by downloading the CLUBZERO app, and find a cup drop-point here too.