The Wilkins Refectory

MONDAY – FRIDAY  11:30AM – 2:30PM

Get the vibe

The idea of serving a global menu inspired by our community, but in a sustainable way was the inspiration behind the menus in the Wilkins Refectory.

From our ‘Bird Bar’ which features favourites including our Katsu Curry, Jerk chicken and tofu, to the wholesome homemade broths and zingy salads at the ‘Bowl’ Counter, our refectory has something to suit every taste and pocket.

Look out for chef’s favourite MSC-sourced fish and chips every Friday, and celebratory specials throughout the year!

Plant Power

In our bid to deliver dishes that are as delicious to enjoy as they are good for the planet, you will always find that at least half of our offering is veggie and vegan friendly. You’ll also find the veggie option lighter on the pocket, meaning that your hearty spud, herby falafel salad or warming Laksa bowl tastes that much better!

Take a look at what’s on at the Plant counter for a dedicated dish that is ‘Powered by Plants’ or check out the other counters for veggie options that are packed full of flavour.